The Lion Cut For Cats

Mats can be *extremely* painful to cats. I've seen cats that have literally had their skin ripped off by mats that weren't taken care of. To get an idea of what a mat feels like to a cat, take a section of your hair, twist it very tight, then pull on it for a few days! It's certainly not something you'd want to live with is it? Cats shouldn't have to either.

If your cat mats easily and you have a difficult time keeping him/her groomed, getting your cat a lion cut may be the answer. Here are a few pictures of the way a lion cut *should* look (all cats were groomed by me.) The first pic is of my cat Marvin.

Lion cuts are available to residents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and outlying suburbs by appointment. Feel free to email me with any questions or to set up an appointment.



Chi Chi