The Importance Of Spaying and Neutering

Did you know:
Two unsterilized cats and resulting offspring can produce 420,000 more cats in only seven years.

Two unsterilized dogs and resulting offspring can produce 67,000 more dogs in only six years.

Does your vet make you wait until your pet is six months or older to spay/neuter? Truth be told, this is an outdated way of thinking that has no scientific basis behind it. Early spay/neuter has been done on cats and dogs in animal shelters for over twenty years with no detrimental effects. With millions of unwanted animals being killed in shelters and or abandoned every year, it is more important than ever to make sure that EVERY cat or dog is spayed/neutered before it
reaches the age where it can breed. YOU can make a difference.

Encourage everyone you know to get their pets fixed no later than 4 months of age.

Buy your vet this early spay/neuter video
(it will be the best 20 bucks you've ever spent!)
If you're feeding a stray, catch it, get it fixed, and find it a home.

Learn how to start a trap/neuter/release program in your neighborhood.

If you have a friend/neighbor who can't afford to get their pet fixed, offer to pay for it.

Contact your vet and offer to pay for a spay or neuter for a financially challenged client.

If you've rescued a cat and/or kittens, and need to find homes for them, only adopt them out *after* they have been spayed/neutered.

Check out the Pet Fix Program to obtain free spay/neuter certificates. If you can afford to, make a donation to this program and help make a difference!

Take a look at the Animal Humane Society's PAL Program for help with mother cats, dogs or rabbits with litters.

Also check out Spay USA for more options.

If you have low-cost spay/neuter info or suggestions on other ways to make a difference in the pet overpopulation problem that are not listed here please send them to me by e-mail